Welcome to Convenience Retail Management

We specialise in turning ideas into reality. To explore the possibilities of what we can offer, please visit our Specialised Industries page.
Let Convenience Retail Management help you to rethink the way that you engage with your business, your customers and their journey. Let us evaluate and redo your systems to align these with your vision and assist you in implementing the correct things you need to remaster your passion.
About Us

Dreams meet Reality

Convenience Retail Management was established as a result of a changing business and economic environment. The Convenience Retail Management group believes that wealth generation should not be limited to a single business or economic sector.

Convenience Retail Management has at its disposal some of the most successful business people and academics in South Africa

The Convenience Retail Management Group is as diverse as its people and its clients.

It is exactly this multi-discipline approach that drew people together with vast amounts of business experience and knowledge.
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