Property Management & Development

Convenience Retail Management Group is well represented in various industries of the economy. In light of the fact that Convenience Retail Management is also an investment group and as such represent various investors, it stands to reason that property and the development thereof will form an important part of our portfolio. As far as property & development is concerned, we offer a variety of services.

New Developments

With exposure to various investors and a variety of clients, Convenience Retail Management has a well-suited structure of innovative agreements between investors and property sellers. As far as new property developments are concerned, Convenience Retail Management can offer the following services:

  • Site sourcing and identification.
  • Rezoning assistance.
  • Advice on license requirements and applications.
  • Trading and investment opportunities.
  • Investment analysis and asset acquisition.
  • Due diligence for new acquisitions.
  • Strategic planning and project management.

Existing Developments

It is a known fact that many developments fail after the initial groundwork has been done. This is mainly due to inadequate planning, bad communication between parties and a lack of proper financial planning. Once again due to Convenience Retail Management vast experience and resources to draw on a solution can still be possible. For existing developments, the following is on offer from Convenience Retail Management:

  • Project evaluation.
  • Progress planning.
  • Income & expenditure benchmarking and budgeting.
  • Contractor liaising.
  • Project monitoring.

Property Management

In line with all the services offered above, Convenience Retail Management Group can assist in the property management field by offering the following:

  • Contract administration.
  • Leasing and brokering.
  • Valuations.
  • Insurance facilitation.
  • Portfolio specific research.
  • Maintenance management.

The Convenience Retail Management Group is as diverse as its people and its clients.

It is exactly this multi-discipline approach that drew people together with vast amounts of business experience and knowledge.
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