Fuel, Convenience and Restaurants

Convenience Retail Management investment and involvement in various franchises and the fuel industry have given the group valuable exposure to, and experience in, various franchise models in South Africa. Convenience Retail Management is ideally suited to give advice and assist you to reach your full potential.

Margin Control and Pricing Strategies

Another key element of any business. Convenience Retail Management can assist with implementing the correct pricing and margin strategy for your business, based on the correct industry definition, market research as far as opposition activities are concerned and based on client base and target market determination.

Employee Training and Development

In line with Convenience Retail Management core value of “learn and grow”, the importance of employees to the success of the business should not be overlooked. Convenience Retail Management can assist the client in assessing its workforce and identifying weaknesses and opportunities to improve productiveness through employee training and development.

Turn-Around Strategies

With Convenience Retail Management exposure to a variety of industries, but particularly the fuel industry, the group has extensive knowledge and experience in not only the acquisition of fuel stations but especially in analysing fuel stations performing below standard and developing and implementing a turn-around strategy for these.


Convenience Retail Management represents various investors. As such, Convenience Retail Management is always interested in acquiring businesses that are for sale. This is done to add to the group’s investment portfolio, but also to assist potential buyers to acquire a business of their own.

Financial Control and Reporting Systems Development

Based on Convenience Retail Management practical and extensive experience in the fuel station industry, we were able to develop very effective financial control and reporting systems. These systems are not necessarily industry-specific and can be adapted to any business. They are ideally suited to business owners who have their businesses under management or who have more than one business to manage. The system enables the user to see on a daily basis exactly what is happening as far as the financials are concerned, making control and early detection of problem scenarios easy to manage.

Marketing Strategies, including Loyalty Programs

Once again based on the group’s practical experience and knowledge, Convenience Retail Management is in the ideal position to assist the client in developing a marketing strategy, from target market identification up to and including a practical marketing plan with built-in success rate measures. This can include various means of advertising as well as customer loyalty programs.

The Convenience Retail Management Group is as diverse as its people and its clients.

It is exactly this multi-discipline approach that drew people together with vast amounts of business experience and knowledge.
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